Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Earn some money when you like to talk

If you think you got a talent to talk so much, and you think that maybe you can use it to earn some money but not too sure about it, here i will give you some ideas :)

Be a Forum Moderator – You can build a community for bloggers and you can earn a little cash on the side moderating forums.

Write Articles for Websites – If you think that you're good enough in writing, then you can write an articles for any websites. Remember one thing. Content is very important, so keep improving your writing skills and start earn some money with it.

Get Paid for Forums You Already Talk On – Many forums offer a revenue share program where you can run your own ads on threads you create.

Translate Documents – If you can speak any second language, then you should try and make money from it. So simple, translate documents and get paid.

Be Counselor – Many people would rather talk to a counselor through the safety of the Internet. Offer your advice at an hourly rate.

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